Non chemical Anti Termites System

Non Chemical Anti Termite System is Chemical Free, it is a Physical termites barrier. (Non Chemical Anti Termites System, Termite Control System)

The non chemical anti termite system is pesticide free and uses no toxic, harmful or dangerous chemicals, which protects the eco-environment, water catchment locations and overall building construction sustainability.

This eco-friendly system with Singapore Green Label creates a discrete physical barrier to prevent termite entry. Concealed within your building as a non chemical physical barrier, it does not allow termites penetrations.


Benefits of using Non Chemical Anti Termite security system

  • A construction phase engineered physical termite barrier that does not allow termites penetration.
  • Marine Grade premium quality, chemical free and environmentally friendly termite security system.
  • No chemical treatment to the soil is required.
  • Physical barrier does not allow Termites penetration and installed during the construction stage.
  • Installations will be coordinated during the different phases of construction.
  • Supported with technical assistance and tests, installed by trained personnel.
  • Made of Marine Grade quality to withstand harsh corrosive conditions.
  • Good for the eco-environment, water catchment locations and building sustainability.