Vermiduct® is a complete fireproofing solution for airhandling duct systems.

It is especially developed to provide up to four (4) hours fire resistance level/period (FRL/FRP) to: Ducting (constructed in steel and plastics), Fan Enclosures, Dampers, Access Panels, Plenums, Wall Penetrations, Electrical and Data Cable Trays and Separating Construction.

One coating serves the dual function of fire resistance and insulation. No additional wrap around or rigid insulation is required.

International Acceptance
• PSB, Singapore – No 011014
• Fire Services Dept, Hong Kong – No FF316/23
• Architectural Services Dept, Hong Kong – No 1216P
• Dubai Civil Defense Department, UAE

Vermiduct® has been rigourously tested and complies with the requirements of the following standards:
• ISO 6944: 1985 – Fire resistance tests; Ventilation ducts
• BS 476: Part 4 -– Non combustibility test for materials
• BS 476: Part 20 – Method for determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction
• BS 476: Part 24 – Method for determination of fire resistance of ventilation ducts
• BS 5669: Part 1 – Particleboard. Methods of sampling, conditioning and test
• BS 5588: Part 9 – Code of practice for ventilation and air conditioning ductwork
• AS 1530: Part 4 – Fire resistance test of elements of building construction
• AS 1668: Part 1 – The use of mechanical ventilation and air handling in buildings; Part 1 – Fire and smoke control;
• AS 4254: Ductwork for air handling systems in buildings
• ASTM C518-02 – Thermal conductivity measurement
• DW/144 – HVCA Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork

Vermiduct® is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure sustainable quality, durability and performance in service.

Vermiduct® is quick and easy to install by spray application.

It is a highly cost effective solution for the fire rating of air handling systems, and is totally safe.

Project references will be provided upon request. Please contact us for discussions.