Passive Fire Protection - Vermiculite, Intumescent and FireStop

Monokote Passive Fire protection for Structural Steel and awarded Green label by Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

Recognized worldwide for their in-place performance and superior durability, Monokote products can be found in all types of buildings including high-rise construction, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, including Petrochemical industry. These products provide a formidable last line of defense in the event of fire.


Intumescent Paint for decorative fire protection solutions to Structural Steel. Independently tested and approved to BS476: Part 21 for up to 2 hours fire protection. The water based product has low VOC and environmental friendly for use in all construction requirements. With increasing demand for steel frame buildings across the globe combined with ever changing and revolutionary building designs, the need for a versatile range of coatings that can provide both long term protection against corrosion and fire has never been more relevant.


Metacaulk® Firestopping Products is specifically designed to fill voids in construction joints and around penetrations in fire-rated walls or floors. Many have intumescent properties and expand when exposed to heat, forming a high-strength insulating char.

Metacaulk® products contain a combination of biocides that protect the product in both the cured and non-cured state against mold growth. Our intumescent firestop products comply with required environmental exposure testing of accelerated aging and high humidity, as per UL 1479 Fire Test of Through-Penetration Firestops. In the event of fire, Metacaulk® sealants will restrict the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water. Whatever your application, we provide the most cost effective products to fit your every need.

Typical areas of installations include HVAC service penetrations, cable bundles, pipes, construction or expansion joints, Top of wall joints, curtain walls etc.  We are authorised installer in Singapore and Myanmar, Yangon.


Vermiduct is a complete Passive Fireproofing solution for airhandling duct systems with tested insulation properties.

It is especially developed to provide up to four (4) hours fire resistance level/period (FRL/FRP) to: Ducting (constructed in steel and plastics), Fan Enclosures, Dampers, Access Panels, Plenums, Wall Penetrations, Electrical and Data Cable Trays and Separating Construction.


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